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Marine Institute, National Sun Yat-sen University
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DIRECTORY Kaohsiung City & County Specific

Bars & Pubs
Coffee Shops,
&  Sandwiches
Foreign Affairs Police
Foreign Representatives
Fun & Fitness
Pets & Vets
Import Stores
1-Stop Shopping
The Market Place
Import Providers
Religious Centers
Help Centers
Overseas Foreign Workers
International Schools
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Travel Agents
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Just for Kids
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From Rave to Rock, Darts to Disco, you're sure to find your niche. Theme nights, holiday parties and Happy Hours are always planned to keep spirits up. 
Apocolypse Now Tel: 281-5705
#482 Chungshan 2nd Rd. Hsin Hsing

Blue Fantasy Tel: 215-8205
#47 Wufu 2nd Rd

Belgian Beer Pub Tel: 588-2941
#103 Rui Feng Street. Kushan

Brass Rail  Tel: 531-5643
#21 Wufu 4th Road.  Yen Cheng 

Black Smith Tokyo City Tel: 535-2013
#459 Chungshan 2nd Rd.  Lingya
Cheers Tel: 521-1564
#27 Wufu 4th Road. Yen Cheng 
Dick & Cowboy Tel: 370-5433
#138-1 Chiu Chang Rd., Niao Sung
Cheeky Charlie's  Tel: 531-5537
#75 Hsin Lo St.  Yen Cheng
Grafitti's Tel: 533-0734
#82 Wufu 4th Rd.  Yen Cheng
#200 Chungcheng 2nd Rd. Lingya 
DNA  Tel: 227-2129
#77 Minsheng 1st Rd. 4th F. Hsin Hsing 
Jurassic Disco Tel: 335-9779
#140 Chunghua 4th Rd. Lingya
M Beers Tel: 390-9399
#139 Liensing Rd. Sanmin
Joker Tel: 226-7288
#115 Wufu 1st Rd. Hsin Hsing
Kiss Banana
#205 Shintain Road.  Tel: 271-4503
Norman's  Tel: 713-2402
#59 Linde Street.  Lingya
Montana Tel: 561-6495
#100 Dayi Street
New Orleans Tel: 227-3899 
#154 Minsheng 1st Rd  .Hsin Hsing 
Pig & Whistle Tel: 330-1006
#199 Ssuwei 4th Rd.  Lingya 
Old Belgian Inn Tel: 587-6330
#116-8 Kushan 3rd Road. Kushan
Oxford Music Pub Tel: 532-3595
#111 Dayi Street. Yen Cheng
TETA's Tel: 224-0086
#132 Shangyi St. Lingya
Red Indian Tel: 338-8733
#162 Yishin 2nd Rd. Chien Chen
#176 Ssuwei 4th Road
Tokyo City Beer Pub 
#111 Chungcheng 3rd Road   Hsin Hsing 
Green Jungle’s Watering Hole 
Tel:  225-6919
#200 Chungcheng 2nd Rd. Lingya 

There's nothin' better when you're on the move. Take advantage of the fresh fruits and veggies in southern Taiwan.  You'll feel leaner and meaner!
ABC Juice
#215 Tzuchiang 3rd Road  Chien Chin

#146 Chungcheng 4th Rd. Chien Chin
Tel: 281-8689

Aromas  Tel: 561-1567
#38 Wufu 4th Road Yen Cheng

Milk King
Several  locations.   Just look for the  spotted cow

Bagel Bagel Tel: 201-5556
#33 Linsen 1st Road.  Hsin Hsing
Le Memoir  Tel: 533-2448
2Fl.-#184 Wufu 4th Road  Yen Cheng
Puna Tel: 272-0811
#1, Lane 43 Wen Heng 2nd Rd. Hsin Hsing
Mo Java Tel: 521-0412
#12 Gongyuan 2nd Road  Yen Cheng
Muddy Waters  Tel: 551-0561
#96 Wufu 4th Road. Yen Cheng
Subway Sandwiches
* #149-1 Kuangjo 1st St. Lingya
* #226 Chungshan 1st Road.  Hsin Hsing
* #10 Tsoying Rd.   Tsoying
* Hsin Kuan Road  (near the Tuntex Bldg.)

If you've time or talents to share, or want to meet friends just contact for details.
Alliance Francaise
American Chamber of Commerce
Coffee Morning
Kaohsiung Community Church
Japan Friendship Club    241-4558
Kaohsiung Int'l. Women's Club  370-5168
Lighthouse Rotary
Thai Friendship Group  561-3660
Veteran's of Foreign Wars

Contact  for  traffic accidents, household or medical emergencies. Other service includes: visa renewal; Alien Registration Certification; Lost & Found; Re-entry Permits. Hours: Mon~Fri 8 AM-12 Noon ; 1:30-5:30 PM.  Sat: 9 AM-12 Noon. Closed strictly for lunch.
Kaohsiung City Residents
Municipal Headquarters
#260 Chungcheng 4th Rd.   Chien Chin District
Tel: 215-4342  (24 Hour )   Fax: 251-0422
Kaohsiung County Residents
Feng Shan  Station
#388 Kuanyuan Road.   Feng Shan City
Tel:  745-2830     Fax: 719-3016

Ladies, be sure to check out Ladies's just for YOU
Aerobics & Fitness Training
* "Arts Studio" 8th Floor of the T-Zone Bldg. 
* See "Health Clubs"
Toastmasters meet every Saturday from 7:30-10pm at Ying Ming High School to play.  Contact:
To reserve tickets for Kaohsiung's Home Team, the Falas, call:  733-8602, ext. 1302 (Ms. Liao)
Paths at Cheng Ching Lake Park. 
See “City Parks"
Cricket Club
Call Kaoshiung team Captain, Kevin at 724-6229.
Golf:  Driving Ranges
Hua Wei #5, Lane 16, Szung Kang Rd.
Hsiao Kang 803-5421

Shih Chuan #427 Tzuli 1st Rd.,
Sanmin  316-3396

Nan Fu #33 Chungshan 3rd Rd.,
Chien Chen  331-7179

Tung Meng #468 Tung Meng 3rd Rd.,
Sanmin  312-5172

Ta Shun #934-4 Tashun 1st R., Kushan 311-3445

Ta Kao Hsiung  #490 Tsung Li Rd.,
Ao Tzai Ti   342-0391 (outside the city)

Lien Yu #683-1 Mingcheng Rd.,  Kushan

Ai Ho #12 Hotung Rd., Sanmin 241-3472

Shuang Ying #36 Ching Yun St., Sanmin

Tai Tan Yu Huei #71-29 The Min Rd.,
Nan Hsin 365-6389 (outside the city)

Hsien Tai Wu Hsiang #608 Chiun Hsian Rd.,
Tzoying 587-8898

Kao Chun #145-1, Land Ho Kang,
Kao Nan Village, Jen Wu 342-9563 (outside city)

Ya Sheng #193 Chin Tien Rd., Feng Shan
822-7482  (outside the city)

Victory #770 Kaishuan 4th Rd.,
Chien Chen  821-0500

Feng Shan #85 Wang Sheng Min Rd.,
Feng Shan 748-1621 (outside the city)

Golf:  Golf Courses
Ta Kang Shan (18 holes) #1 Chang Shan Rd.

Kuan Yin Shan (18 holes) #140 Shan Ho Rd.,
Shan Ho Village, Ta-Shu  656-1159 (outside city)

Hsin Yi (18 holes) #1Hsin Yi Rd., Jong Ling Village, Ta-Shu 656-3210 (outside the city)

Kaohsiung Country Club (18 holes) #270 Chiu Chang Rd., 
Ta Hua, Niao Sung*   381-1101

Hai Chun Golf Club (9 holes) #1 Chang Shou, Tsoying  581-1039

Typhoon Golf Club (27 holes) #190 Chung Cheng Rd., Kuang Hsing Village* 795-7713 (outside city)

Health Clubs & Fitness Centers

Kaohsiung City
Alexander Health Club #10 Fushin 1st Road,
5-7   Floor 386-4190

"Bell" Club (aerobics only) #233 Hsinchung 1st "Rd., 4-5 Fl  336-6660

Executive Club (Hi Lai)  213-5788, ext. 7745

Legia Sports #532 Boai Road  557-7980

Muscle Asia Gym #176 Ssuwei 4th Road, 2F.
Lingya  332-8182

Oriental Club (Grand Formosa)  566-8000

Health Clubs
President Health Club #105 Wencheng 2nd Rd.
B-1 Lingya  333-8765

Pacific Club (Sogo Department Store)

The "DC" Club  #202 Cheng Hu Road
Niao Sung.  731-9898

Kevin's  #836b Cheng Ching Lake Road
Niao Sung  731-0679; 731-0176

Yuan Shan Club #2 Yuan Shan Road
Niao Sung. 370-5911, ext. 601

Shou Shan Mountain and Cheng Ching Lake Park See "City Parks".

Horseback Riding
Happy Horse Meadow.  #18, Lane 806, Kao Nan Gong Road. Nantze, Kaohsiung City. Tel:  347-0022; Mobile: 090803694
Martial Arts
* Shao Lin Hung Gar Gung Fu. 392-7478;
   395-6434.   Classes at #428 Yin An St. Sanmin
* Hung Gar Gung Fu  Call Billy at 554-2236
* Akido Activity Center at #2 Daren Rd. Yen Cheng

Kaohsiung HASH House Harriers

City Parks
Cheng Ching Lake Park Niao Sung
Chihchin Island Park Chihchin District
City Central Park Hsin Hsing District
Culture Center Plaza Park Lingya District
Hsitzuwan Beach Park Kushan District
Jenai Park Yen Cheng District
Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park Nantze District
Sculpture Park (Fine Art Museum) Kushan District
Shoushan Mountain Park Kushan District
Scuba Diving
* Jeff's Scuba Dive Center.  #221 Ssuwei 4th
  Road.  Lingya.  334-1539 PADI certified
* Andy Gray 0929205820

100 Pacers  Contact

Surfing Links:
* Storm Surf 
* Hong Kong Cyclon 
* Global Wam 
* Tropical Weather

* Blue Lagoon #700 Kaishuan 4th Rd.,
  Chien Chen  811-9780
* Chien Chin Municipal Pool #34 Chunghua 3rd Rd.
* Easy Swimming Club #167 Tzuyu 1st Road,
  Sanmin 313-8618
* Family Life Swim Club #499 Chienkung Rd.,
  Sanmin 395-2315
* Feng Shan City Pool 101 Chungcheng 2nd Rd.,
  Feng Shan (outside the city)
* Nanhuo #45 Chungcheng 2nd Rd.,
  Lingya 222-7865; 223-7875

City Central Park, See "City Parks"

Ultralight Flying
Contact Lance at:  or General Yang at: 
Tel: (08) 766-8239; 0932-883-241 (outside city)

Ultra Frisbee
Contact Todd at: 332-6371

Windsufing Tours & Training Contact Alex

Xtreme Sports
Green Power has rock climbing, rappelling and skate boarding. #30 Tung Ai Rd. 0921-263-450 (Charles)

Youth Sports
Activities, games and classes. Children must have English language fluency.  Call Faye at 224-0154  for schedules and costs.

Critical care is a concern while living or traveling overseas.  Being prepared will help you manage situations effectively. Familiarize yourself with local hospitals and their procedures before you NEED to go. In emergency, contact your home country Representative Office, Foreign Affairs Police and your host/sponsor. Suggestions are given for appropriate measures

Taxi Service or Private Car
Summon driver for transport to hospital of choice.

Hospital Emergency Ambulance
Call direct to the hospital of your choice and a vehicle will be dispatched.  The cost is approximately NT$700 from within city limits.  Mandarin ability may be necessary.

Emergency Ambulance Dial #119
Provide location & condition. Mandarin ability is necessary.  You'll be transported to nearest facility.  Ambulances are not equipped with paramedics.

Po-cheng Orthopedic Hospital
#100 Boai 2nd Road. Tsoying Tel: 556-2212 ~7

Chang Gung   Memorial Hospital
#123 Tapei Road. Niao Sung Tel:  731-7123

Family and Travel Clinic
#265 Yuchen Rd. Tsoying Tel: 558-7919
National Sun Yat-sen University Clinic Branch
Dr. Ho Pager: 0941-644718 (for appointments only)

Kaohsiung Christian Hospital
#86 Huashin Street.  Lingya Tel: 332-1111

Kaohsiung Medical College
Chung Ho Memorial Hospital
100 Shihchuan 1st Road. Sanmin Tel:  312-1100-9

Kaohsiung Veteran's
General Hospital Tel:  342-2121. Dial 9
#386 Tachung 1st Road. Tsoying

Saint Joseph's Hospital
# 352 Chienkuo 1st Road.  Lingya
Tel:  751-5141

English spoken

Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Wun-Jer SHEN, M.D.
Tel: (07) 556-2212
Dr. Wu-ing HSING, M.D.
Tel: (07) 334-8880

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT)
Dr. Charles TSENG, M.D.
Tel: (07) 231-2380

Obstetrics &Gynecology (OBGYN)
Dr. Gwo-Tai CHUAN, M.D.
Tel: (07) 201-1345

Internal Medicine
Dr. Wendy HUANG, M.D.
Tel: (07) 231-2380

Dr. Ming-Jen YANG
Tel: (07) 731-7123, ext. 8750

California Hospital
Dr. Ray Tseng
#134 Kuanghua 1st Rd.
Lingya Tel: 716-3027

Dr. Steven Chi’s Clinic
#110 Takung Road
Yen Cheng Tel: 521-5455

Hardin Animal Clinic
Dr. Henry Hwang
#15-7 Chienkuo 1st Rd.
Sanmin Tel: 749-0909

P&G Clinic
Dr. Gao
#149-13 Hoping 1st Road
Lingya  Tel: 722-5766

If you’d like something special, share your needs with shop owners.  They’ll do their best to supply favorites.  Bring a label or product sample for easy ordering. Check expiration dates since some products move slowly. (Chinese dating system is used on packaging)  Visit groceries of major department stores, too.


Box Store
# 9 Chungshanheng St.  Hsin Hsing
Tel:  221-7265   FAX: 272-7394

Daniel’s Beef & Lamb Tel: 332-8003
# 309 Chungshan 2nd Rd. Lingya

Delight Gourmet Tel: 272-9787
#57 Wufu 2nd Rd. Hsin Hsing

General Provisions  (“Tung Hai Foods”)
#49 Takung Rd. Yen Cheng
Tel: 551-2828; 521-2160

Maya Foods Company
#168 Chunghua 4th Road  Chien Chen
Tel: 333-3585;  FAX 334-6546

Mr. Lee’s Grocery Tel:  742-2051
#2-4 Tapei Road.  Niao Sung

Pallieter Int’l Co.
#103 Rui Feng Street. Kushan
Tel: 588-2941; FAX: 587-8992

Walason’s Tel: 392-2223
 # 151 Benguan Road.  Niao Sung

One-stop shopping spots, or Hypermats, have it, clothing, household furnishings and more! Items are sold in bulk making it desirable to shop with a friend. Membership is sometimes required, but in most cases it is provided freely. It's easy to join.  Give name and address in Mandarin, and show passport or ARC. Membership and "VIP Service" are common in many businesses around town. Large bags must be checked; strollers are often not allowed

* #109Shihchuan 1st Road.  Sanmin
* #1Lane 117 Tashun 3rd Rd. Lingya
* #356Hotung Road.  Chien Chin
* #291 Linshen Rd. Feng  Shan
* #188 Jenai Road. Ping Tung

#656 Chunghua 5th Road. Chien Chen

* #463 Mintsu 1st Road Sanmin
* #157 Kuanghua 2nd Road Chien Chen

#171  Ping Teng Road.  Sanmin

* #1, Lane 100, Feng-Ping 1st Road
Ta Liao Town. Kaohsiung County
* #235 Mintsu 1st Rd.  Sanmin

President Hyper Mart
* #635 Chengching Lake Rd. Niao Sung
* #132 Liuho 2nd Road.  Chien Chin
* #166 Wujar 3rd Road.  Feng Shan City
* Chinyiun &  Chiuju 1st Rd. Intersection

A trip to the neighborhood market is a fruitful experience! You'll find fresh produce year round thanks to southern Taiwan’s topical climate, plus lots more. Markets are everywhere!  Brightly colored "beach umbrellas" or elaborate entry ways signal locations.  Sometimes, vendors cluster under covered spaces well off the main road making them easy to miss. bundles. Hours vary. Some of the busiest are.....

Afternoon Fish Market
You can buy fish at most markets, but at the Chien Chen Fish Market it's the specialty! It hasn't changed much from earlier days when Kaohsiung was just a sleepy fishing village.

Chungcheng Street Market
Nanhua & Chungcheng Intersection.  Hsin Hsing 
Well off Chungcheng Road, this market attracts the younger crowd because of trendy shops nearby.

Flower Market
You'll find what you need to spruce up the house, yard or patio at the weekend Flower Market, Labor Park. Curios are for sale nearby. "Flower Street" (Hsinchung 1st Rd) offers cut flowers & plants all week long.  If you'd like to order flowers as a gift for local delivery, check with a flower shop in your neighborhood, a major hotel or 7-11 stores.

"Garbage Market"  Funjen Street,  Lingya
In spite of the name, you can be sure of good produce and good prices. Open later in the day (3-5:30 PM approx.).

The Jade Market
Shihchuan 2nd & Tzuli 1st Intersection  Sanmin
The best spot for fun shopping in the city.  Wednesdays, Thursdays & Sundays from 10:30 AM ~ 2:30 PM (times approx) The market covers the whole block, and interesting stores line the streets nearby. The "Pros" recommend that you shop on Wednesday when all vending spaces are occupied. Bargaining is required and respected!

Kaohsiung Wholesale Market
Mintsu & Shihchuan Intersect.  Sanmin
Located behind the "Grand 50",  housewives come here to compete with restaurant owners for the best buys!  Mornings only.  Shop with a friend to buy produce in bulk.

Lotus Lake Wholesale Market  Lientan Street, Tsoying
After shopping, take time to enjoy the Confucian Temple across the street.

"The People's Market"
Off  Jenai Road.  Open daily.  One of the many "people friendly" markets in town. Near the Royal Lees Hotel.

Traditional Dry Market  San Fengchung Street. Sanmin
Dried foods, nuts, herbal medicines & shark fins are the main attraction . Closed Sun.  Close to the train station.

Weekend Flea Market
Located on the intesection of Chunghua Rd. and Shihchuan Rd.  It's "Hit or Miss" here.


5000 Years Art Gallery Tel: 334-6848
#295 Chingnien 1st Rd.  Chien Chin

Chai Chiu Arts Center Tel: 396-0094
#99 Tachang 2nd Rd. Sanmin

Culture Center Tel: 222-5136
#67 Wufu 1st Rd. Lingya

G. Zen 50 Tel: 386-7711
Grand 50 Bldg.  3rd  F.
#80 Mintsu 1st Rd. Sanmin

Howard Salon
Howard Plaza Hotel arcade.

Kaohsiung History Museum
#272 Chungcheng 4th Rd.  Yen Cheng
Tel: 533-0840

Molly Gallery Tel: 225-1913
#38 Taishuen St. Lingya

Mountain Museum Tel:  227-0838
#55 Chungcheng 3rd Rd. 29-30 Fl. Hsin Hsing

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
#20 Meishu Kan Rd. Kushan

Science Museum Tel:  384-6471
#720 Chiuju 1st Rd. Sanmin

Labor Concern Center
Rev. Lim Cheng-hong
#89 Te-hsiang Road  Nantze. 
Tel: 366-2375 (Thai) 366-2374 (Eng)
 Presbyterian affiliation
Stella Maris Int'l.  Service Center
#37 Lainan Street.  Yen Cheng
Fr. Bruno Ciceri   Catholic affiliation

Thai Workers Friendship Center
#37 Lainan St. Yen Cheng
Tel: 561-3660  Mr.  Niti Sri-on

Western  Seafood   Chinese
Asian  Vegetarian   Fast Foods   Hotels
Food assumes such an elevated status in southern Taiwan that people often greet each other with a cheery "chr bao le mei" which translates,  "Have you eaten yet?"   The inquiry confirms food as the source for well being.  Guided by climate and lifestyle, the Kaohsiung palate is both practical and conservative.  Cafeteria or buffet style service is preferred, and simple street side settings are most popular.  A sampling of local and international spots follow..  Bon Appetite! NOTE: To categorize arestaurant. specialty only is noted

1950 Italian Restaurant (Italian)
#415 Chihshen 2nd Rd. Hsin Hsing Tel:261-3333

Dew Drop Inn (Western Grill)
#39 Hsinlo St. Yen Cheng Tel: 561-2428

Double Hey (Italian)
#649 Chengching Rd Tel: 392-9395

Egyptian Restaurant (Egyptian)
#98-1 Wufu 4th Rd. Yen Cheng Tel: 531-4406

European Country (Chinese Western)
#192 Ssuwei 4th Rd. Lingya Tel: 338-3311

Herb Garden (Chinese Restaurant)
Choutin Road. Hsin Hsing

Hola's (Spanish)
#578 Heti Road. Sanmin Tel: 343-3045

Le Paris (French)
Illuna Galleries Tel: 291-9667
#176 Hotung Rd., 4th Floor

Mapeili (Chinese Western)
#221 Jenchih St. Hsin Hsing Tel: 204-3778

Mamamia (Italian)
#186 Chungcheng 2nd Rd. Lingya Tel: 222-5627

Moulin Rouge (French)
#133 Hsin Chang 1st Rd. Tsoying Tel: 350-0148

Napoli Pizza (Italian)
#335 Sando 1st Road Tel: 713-5060

Paris My Love (French)
#136 Minshiang St.  Hsin Hsing Tel: 271-2040

Pig & Whistle (British/Western)
#199 Ssuwei 4th Rd.  Lingya Tel: 330-1006

Prague Restaurant (Chinese Western)
#73 Chungcheng 3rd Rd. Lingya

The Rhine (Chinese Western)
* 2Fl-#44 Wufu 3rd Rd. Chien Chin 
Tel: 241-0636
* #73 Wufu 2nd Rd. Hsin Hsing Tel: 215-0545

Serious David Steak & Seafood
(Western Grill)
#176 Hotung Rd. 5F  Chien Chin 
Tel: 291-6131

Smokey Joe's I (Tex-Mex) Tel: 281-6138
#208 Chunghsiao 1st Rd. Hsin Hsing

Smokey Joe's II (Tex-Mex)
#318 Tzuyu 2nd Rd.  Tel: 557-8655

Suomalainen Ravintola (Finnish)
#156 Hsin Street Tel: 558-5796

Swensen's (Chinese Wesern)
#76 Minchuan 2nd Rd. Lingya Tel: 330-4778

T.G.I.F. (Chinese Western)
#25 Wufu 3rd Rd. Chien Chin Tel: 271-3579

Teresea's (South American)
#2-2 Yu-ju 1st St.  Hsin Hsing Tel: 282-7271

Wangs' Steak (Western Grill)
* #88 Minchuan 1st Rd. Lingya
* #341 Chihsien 2nd Rd. Hsin Hsing
* #16 Chungcheng 3rd Road
* Daimaru Department Store

Take a stroll along the main street of Chihchin Island, not far from the ferry pier, and you'll find a number of lively restaurants where the star attraction is seafood! Language doesn't have to be a problem.  Shop keepers will be able to select the Fish of the Day.

Sea World Restaurant Tel: 726-2154
13Fl-2 #29 Ying Hsiung St.

"The Fish Place" Tel: 551-9689
#201 Lainan Street. Yen Cheng

Beautiful Garden  Tel: 722-8879
#106 Tashun 3rd. Rd. Sanmin

Nature Life  Tel: 201-8856
#123 Wencheng 2nd St. Lingya

Sweet Home  Tel: 221-7609
#236 Jenchih St. Hsin Hsing

Teng Chef
* #82 Chungcheng 3rd Rd. Tel: 236-1822
* #82 Ching Nien 2nd Rd.  Lingya
Tel:  251-5622
* #86-1 Chunghwa 2nd Rd  Chien Chin
  Tel: 291-6722 
Locations in Sogo Department Store and the Kaohsiung International Airport

Won Ton Soup Kitchen Tel: 551-1378
#1 Hsinlo St., Lane 163.  Yen Cheng

Authentic Mongolian Restaurant
Tel: 715-0613; 715-5023
#146 Hoping 2nd Rd. Lingya

Cardino Tepanyaki  Tel:771-9620
#90-B1 Chienkuo1st Rd.  Lingya

Mongolian Barbeque Tel: 223-9158
#2 Mintsu 2nd Rd.   Hsin Hsing

Madhuban Curry House Tel: 381-9409
 #18 Dashun 2nd Rd.  Sanmin

India Milk Tea Tel: 336-7796
#2-1 Linshen 2nd Road. Lingya

Puna see page 48

The Spice Shop Tel: 229-5758
#40 Fushin 1st Rd. Hsin Hsing

Roppongi  Tel: 333-4340
#171 Santo 3rd Rd  Lingya

Sawa Tel: 330-0988
#76 Hsin Kuang Road. Lingya

Gold Seoul Tel: 201-0016
#314 Chunghua 4th Rd. Chien Chin

Ka Ra Bour  Tel:224-6668
#54 Chungcheng 3rd Rd. Hsin Hsing

Thai Restaurant
#284 Fuheng 1st Rd. Hsin Hsing

Thai Shiangie (Burma, SE Asia)
#123 Chungshan 1st Rd Tel: 285-3696

Thailand Restaurant Tel:251-5187
#229 Chengkung 1st Rd.

"Mountain Garden" Tel: 551-5892
#195 Chihsien 3rd Rd. Yen Cheng


There are advantages to Vegetarian.  In most cases, meals are self-serve so you control portions. Cost is always reasonable and you can fill up with rice, soup and teas at no extra charge.  However, if you arrive late, food will be picked over.

First Vegetarian Restaurant
#270 Tashun 1st Rd. Tsoying

Jen Dow Vegetarian
Tel: 323-6500, 323-6508
#338  Boai 1st Rd.  Sanmin

Se Shian Ting  Tel: 385-2658
#466 Jiouru 1st Rd. Sanmin

Shioyu  Tel: 251-8286
#274 Chunghsiao 1st  Rd. Hsin Hsing

Tien-Fu Vegetarian Restaurant
#11 Ssuwei 2nd Rd. Lingya Tel: 761-0620

The Focused Heart  Tel: 717-2051
#154 Chungcheng 1st Rd. Lingya

#202 Minsheng 2nd Rd. Chien Chin
Aloha Garden   French
Canton Court    Cantonese
Szechwan Court   Szechwan

#266 Chengkung 1st Rd. Chien Chin
Steak House
Lobster Bar
Classic Teppanyaki
Hong Kong Seafood
Harbor Restaurant  (International)
Sakuragawa   (Japanese)
Shanghainese Dim Sum
Korean Restaurant & Karoke Bar
Thai Shark Fin & Bird Nest Restaurant

#311 Chihsien 1st Rd. Hsin Hsing
Pearl River  (Cantonese)
Chao Phraya River   (Thai)
Yangtse River    (Shanghainese)
Yamazakura    (Japanese)

Tuntex Sky Tower Building
Brasserie  (International)
Steak House  (Mediterranean)
Pices    (Fusion Cuisine)
Italian Village     (Italian)
Yanagigawa    (Japanese Buffet)

#33 Ssuwei 3rd  Rd.  Lingya
Cantonese Garden
Le Grill
Tivoli (International Buffet)
Tsuru  (Japanese Buffet)

#106 Wufu 1st Rd. Lingya
Tel: 226-1000; FX: 226-3000
Global Village   (Western)
Honored Guest Garden   (Cantonese)
Riviera Garden   (Cantonese)

Dominos Pizza
225-2022 by Culture Center
336-5252     Hsin Chung Rd
725-5252    by Carrefour (Feng Shan)
315-5252   Shih Chuan Rd
392-0100   Cheng Ching Lake
281-9266   Chihsien
807-0000    Hsiao Kang
383-0278   Dachang
588-6988     Tsoying
361-9999    Nantzu

Napoli Pizza Tel: 713-5060
#335 Santo 1st Road

Pizza Hut
237-2119   Chienkuo Road
215-2875   Chungshan Road
748-1112   Fengshan City
392-3945   Chienkung Road
587-0877   Tsoying District
225-0366   Wenhua Road
806-7733   Hsiao Kang District
332-7766   Lingya District

Dominican School
Sr. Jacinta Pan, Principal, O.P.
#107 Chunghua 1st Rd.  Kushan

Kaohsiung American School
Mr. Gary Keny, Principal
#96 Fu The 3rd Rd. Lingya Tel: 716-2270

Japan School in Kaohsiung
Mr. Tanaka, Principal
# Hopei Road. Lingya Tel: 224-9314

Morrison Academy
#42 Chiacheng Rd. Dashe Town
Kaohsiung County. Tel: 356-1190

          And, be sure to check out: Keeping an Eye on Kenting
There are several options for affordable stays in the downtown area.  Many are "walk in’s" along Kenting Road and don't require a reservation.  Folks on a tight budget opt for camping on the beach.  Hostels- in Nanwan cater to surfers. The Teachers Hostel-, Catholic Hostel, and Kenting Youth Activity Center can be good deals, but book early since space is limited and demand is high.  Or check out the Dakota- Inn, tatami floored teepees for rent off the main road and near the beach.  French and English speakers can call Chez Papa (see “Restaurants”) for Bed & Breakfast stays.

Resorts offer full ammenities and package- plans.  Some include a membership fee, which means additional- cost is added to room rates for non-members.  Resorts also provide shuttle service and a host of activities- from parasailing to bike rentals.  Weekends and holidays are busy and peak season is from April~September.

Caesar Park
#6 Kenting Road. Hengchuen
Tel: (08) 886-1888   FAX: (08) 886-1818

Howard Beach Hotel
#2 Kenting Road. Hengchuen

Kenting House (managed by Caesar Park)
KHH Sales Office: (07) 332-2755
#101 Gong Yuan Road. Hengchuen
Tel: (08) 886-1371~5; FAX: (08) 886-1377

OK Hill Resort
#1000 Chuanfan Rd.  Henghuen

Swan Lake Resort Hotel
#500 Nanwan Road. Kenting

South Formosa Hotel
37,Yu Cheng Lane,Szu chung chi  Checheng Hsiang
Tel: (08) 882-2301; FAX:(08)882-2310

T-shirts and beach curios are everywhere. Paiwan crafts are available, too, since a number of native peoples live in the area. Avoid purchase of coral and other natural specimens in respect to the environment.

Native Trading Post
#21 Kenting Road.  Hengchuen
Souvenirs and  craft items made by the aboriginal peoples of southern Taiwan.

Hengchuen Pottery Workshop
#3 Hou Wan Rd.  Che Cheng Village
Closed Monday Credit cards accepted-.  Works include larnchao- "red" glaze ware made from the ash of the sisal plant (native to the Hengchuen area).  After firing, the glaze color ranges from scarlet to rose hues, to Celadon jade green.

There are countless pockets of scenic wonder to encounter along the sea or in the mountains.

Carriage Rides
Scenic rides along mountains and beachside-. Call Catrina or Hose: Tel: 08-886-1977;  0930737367

Ever Sping Eco-farm
#28-5, Shan Chueh Rd Shan Chueh Alley. Hengchuen 
 (08) 889-2633 Tel  (08) 889-8683 FAX
Fields, gardens and research center to foster appreciation. 

Water Space (08) 886--2241~2 and Space Port (08) 886-2411 are part of the Howard Beach Resort. 

National Museum of
Marine Biology & Aquarium
#2 Houwan Road, Houwan Village.  Checheng Hsiang
(08)  882-4544~6 Tel  (08) 882-4504 FAX
Gift Shop, Restaurants, “Theater” Tanks featuring live specimens-.  “Taiwan Waters Pavillion”, outdoor play park, conference center and restaurant.

Kenting National Park
Taiwan’s first national park, it encompasses a tropical marine environment, coral reefs, forests and grass lands.

Kuan Mountain Lotus “Village”
A mixed plate of curios, snacks and rental cabins for those who prefer a countryside escape. (08) 886-6883; 886-6651

Hobie Cat Charters
21 foot “Sea Spirit” for charter
Call: Max at (08) 888-0440

Marcus T. Peterson Scuba Diving
(08) 885-1034 (W)0923058935 (M)

Nunpei Dive Club  (08) 889-5350
#56 Nanwan Road. Kenting
Diving and surfing tours, and instruction-.  Equipment sales. Repairs on tanks and regulators See Sammy for English speaking help.

Ping Tung Christian Hospital
#60 Ta Lian Road  Ping Tung

Jen Ai Teaching Hospital
#184 Mingsen Road.  Ping Tung County

National Pingtung University
of Science & Technology

National Pingtung Teachers College

Mr. Lan's Stables Tel: (08) 779-9089
(closed Tuesdays). Ping Tung

Pingtung Cricket, call Andrew Carrick 08-732-8299.

Fanhua Catholic Church
#2 Chungshan Road. Fanhua Town Changchih Hsiang  Pingtung County
Tel. 781-3718 Tagalog

Our Lady of China Church
#75 Hsimen Rd. Hengchun Pingtung County
Tel.  889-2162 English

Pingtung English Fellowship
#14-5 Lin-sen Rd., Pingtung city across from the Pingtung Teacher's College Church Leader: Wayne Schams. Tel: (08) 723-7573 (H)
English speaker Church Phone: 723-7573

Provincial House
#159 Hsinyi Road  Pingtung City
Tel. 732-9951 English

St. Michael Church
#117 Kuangfu Road Sect. 2,  Tungkang Town Pingtung County
Tel. 832-2728 English & Tagalog

National Cheng Kung  University Hospital
#138 Shengli Road  (06) 235-3535

Chi Mei Foundation Hospital
#901 Chunghua Road Yung Kang City, Tainan
(06) 281-2811 with branch clinic located at Tainan's Science Park

Tainan Provincial Tainan Hospital
#125 Chungshan Road  Tainan  (06) 220-0055

National Cheng Kung University

National Tainan Teachers College

Tainan National College of Arts

Chang-Jung Christian University