Representative Offices
International residents & short term visitors
to Kaohsiung are encouraged to register with
their home country Representative Office.
Offices are headquartered in Taipei,
however some maintain branch locations
locally.  Branch offices can provide current details
regarding stay in Kaohsiung or help with special needs.

In case of  emergency,
contact a representative for
assistance and/or representation.

American Institute 
in Taiwan (A.I.T.)
Cathay Building  5th Floor
#2 Chungcheng  3rd Road. 
Hsin Hsing District
Tel:  07-224-0154 
FAX: 07-223-8237
AIT produces:
"Living in Southern Taiwan" (L.I.S.T.),
a quarterly newsletter in English
  Australian Commerce 
& Industry Office
Manhattan Building Suite #4, 18th  Floor
#110 Santo 4th  Road
Lingya District
Tel: 07-330-9830 
FAX: 07-330-9829
British Trade & 
Cultural Office (B.T.C.O.)
13th Floor  Room 6
#56 Mingsheng 1st Road
Tel: 07-229 0817 
Fax: 07-229 0827
The Education & Culture Section maintains an 
office in Kaohsiung with regular hours.
The Trade Office Division makes scheduled 
visits to Kaohsiung from Taipei
Interchange Association-Japan
#87 Hoping 1st Road. 9th Floor
Lingya District
Tel: 07-771-4008 
FAX:  07-771-2734
Manila Economic 
& Cultural Office
Metrobank Building, 2nd Floor
#146 Ssuwei 2nd  Road
Lingya District
Tel: 07-331-7752; 
FAX: 07-331-7806 
Thailand Trade 
& Economic Office
#80 Mintsu 1st Road 
Room A2, 14th Floor
Sanmin District 
Tel: 07-392-7620; 
FAX: 07-392-5914
for addresses in Mandarin.  Helpful for travel by taxi.

Foreign nationals living in or visiting Kaohsiung whose
home country does not manage a branch office locally
should contact Taipei offices for assistance.
To contact Representative Offices in Taipei click on:
Foreign Commercial, Trade &
Representative Offices in Taipei
Useful links provided by: CETRA-China External Trade Development Council
NOTE: The Canadian Representative Office in Kaohsiung has closed

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