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Kaohsiung City is divided into
eleven districts, or neighborhoods.
Each has a colorful character,
and each offers shops, services and sightseeing.
Get to know the neighbors, too.
They’ll be happy to show you Around Kaohsiung.

Neighborhood Map (Courtesy of Kaohsiung City Government)

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Chien Chen
Typical harbor activities dominate the Chien Chen area.  The fish market is set against the backdrop of hulking steamers, tugs and fishing trawlers making their way through port.  Labor Park is farther inland and is always active on weekends and some holidays.
Harbor Fish Market
For the "catch of the day".
Labor Park
Site of Fourth of July celebrations 
and the regular weekend flower market.
Vendors set up tables on the street 
surrounding the market area to sell 
curios and collectibles on flower market day.

Chien Chin
Chien Chin is a busy downtown neighborhood with easy access to hotels, restaurants, banks and department stores.  In spite of all the commercial activity, neighborhood residents take time early in the morning or after supper to dance, sing or exercise in "Central Park".  You can always join in if you like!  Chien Chin is bordered on the west by Love River, and is a good spot to enjoy Dragon Boat racing in the summertime.
Central Park
Tennis & Basketball Courts; 
Roller Skating Areas; Public Pool.
Foreign Affairs 
Police Department
City Headquarters
International residents or hotel guests 
located in town should contact 
"Foreign  Affairs" for emergency help. 
(eg., Accident, ARC Registration, 
Visa Renewal, Lost & Found)
Home Country Representative Offices 
are other important connections  for internationals. 
Click on  Office Listings  for details.
Holy Rosary Cathedral
First Christian Church in Kaohsiung (1929)
Baseball Stadium
"Fala" is the Kaohsiung "home team"
Tourism Bureau
Kaohsiung Branch Office
 Vist their Home Page 
and click on Kaohsiung region for  information in English.
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Located in the World Trade & Finance Building (5th Fl). Selection of Taiwan travel 
brochures and maps (in English). 
Plus, good reading on international 
destinations.  Ask for "Travel in Taiwan", a Tourism Bureau publication. 
Past issues on-line at

Chihchin Island
The island of Chihchin is the "Heart & Soul" of Kaohsiung.  Fishermen were the first to settle its shores even though seasonal typhoons and ruthless pirates posed continual threats.  To safeguard inhabitants, a temple dedicated to Matsu was constructed in 1691 on the northern tip of the island.  The people survived, and their village prospered and grew.  Kaohsiung has changed dramatically since those days, but the Temple remains a vital witness to the resourcefulness and determination of the local residents.  Enjoy a visit to Matsu Temple, or just stroll through the alley ways.  Get your heart pumping with a hike up to the lighthouse.  Pathways along the ridge connect with fortress ruins, and the beach front park below is a popular spot for picnics and relaxing.  Plenty of seafood restaurants line the island's main street near the ferry pier.  For more info, go direct to Chichin Island.
Commanding view of the Harbor entrance.
Matsu Temple
Matsu is patron of fishermen and all who travel by sea. 
Seashore Park
Best seasons are spring and late autumn.

Hsiao Kang
Hsiao Kang, the city's "little port of call", is home to Kaohsiung Airport.    The international terminal is upscale and comfortable, complete with an exhibit gallery where passengers can relax before boarding.   The display rotates regularly and includes contemporary and traditional artworks.  The domestic terminal, modest by comparison, is just next door; a covered ramp connects the two structures.  China Steel and other manufacturing enterprises reside in the industrial complex nearby.  Traffic is heavy during work hours transferring goods to loading docks for shipment.
Kaohsiung Airport
Located off Chungshan 5th Road.  For international arrival and departure service continue past the domestic terminal. 
Click KHH International Airport
to access Home Page (in English)
Flight details and other information are included.

Hsin  Hsing
Hsin Hsing is located in the city's center.  It's popular with the younger crowd because of trendy shops and nightclubs, and a lively street market that's open all day and into evening hours. The market is just off Chungcheng Road near the main Post Office.
Post Office
Separate services  for mailing, money 
accounts and bill paying.

Sections of Kushan and surrounding districts were especially active during the days of  Japanese Occupation.  From here, major developments were launched including the construction of a deep water harbor, and rail and road ways connecting Kaohsiung to other cities.  Today, National Sun Yat Sen University and Yuanheng Buddhist Temple provide an even broader link to exchange students, teachers and clergy from around the world.  Kushan neighborhood landmarks are favorites with young couples on wedding photo shoots.  You'll find them from dawn to dusk, sometimes posing in elaborate costumes.  For more info, go to direct to Kushan.
Fine Arts Museum
Outdoor sculpture park.
Permanent displays and loan exhibits.
More information at 
Museum of Fine Arts Home Page
(Check "Newsletter")
Former British Consulate
The official residence and administrative post for southern based British officials
at the turn of the century.
National Sun Yat Sen University
Public beach access to 
Hsitzu Bay Beach via the campus.
 For more info, go to direct to
Hsitzu Beach
Shoushan Mountain Park
For more information visit
Longevity Mountain
(includes area map in English)
Kaohsiung's only natural habitat. Colonies of Macaque monkeys, flocks of wild birds and plenty of  caves and hiking trails. 
Beautiful vistas on clear days.
Yuanheng Temple
Largest Buddhist complex in town.

No matter where you lodge or live, you'll probably make a trip to the Culture Center at some point during your stay.  Something's always going on at the "Center".  Interesting shops and restaurants are in close range and will keep you entertained as well.
Football Stadium
Public sporting and entertainment 
events are staged here. An olympic sized 
swimming pool is opposite the stadium.
Shiang Kai-shek 
Culture Center
Check the Culture Center Web Page
for a schedule guide.
Unpublished events also take place here. 
These are easy to miss if you don't make frequent visits. 
San Feng Kung Temple
Eclectic blend of Buddhist, Taoist and folk traditions.
Festive ceremonies and popular appeal.
T & C Tower
 The building is ranked as the sixth tallest in the world. 
Opening tentatively planned for late summer. 
Daimaru Department Store and Grand 
Formosa Hotel are part of the tower.

Headquarters for Kaohsiung's export zones are in Nantze alongside a sprawling industrial complex.  The Metropolitan Park offers some reprieve for neighborhood residents.
Export Zone
Shopping permitted to overseas passport holders in transit. Items include surplus export goods (clothing, sporting equipment, etc.)
Metropolitan Park
Wide open green spaces providing sanctuary for many varieties of 
native plants, shrubs and trees. Exercise areas & nature study hall.
The Metropolitan Park Home Page  gives more details.

International families who prefer to live within city limits might find the new high-rise apartment buildings in Sanmin inviting.  They are designed with full amenities and landscaped communal gardens.  The Sanmin neighborhood is also convenient to international schools, Chengching Lake Park (Niao Sung) and attractions in the city.  The railroad bisects Sanmin making travel by car a challenge when going from North to South. (Tashun, Tzuli and Mintsu Roads cross over the tracks; Chungshan Road passes underground)
Golden Lion Lake
Quiet retreat
Grand 50 Building
Towering above all else in 
the eastern part of town, this 
structure is a good reference 
point if you are lost.
Jade Market
For more information, check 
Cultural Connections
Kaohsiung Train Station
See  Taiwan Railway Association Home Page
for schedule details and interesting 
information in English.
San Fenchung Market
Traditional market offering dried foods, nuts, herbals and shark fins. Bird vendors are stationed nearby. Closed Sunday.
Science Museum
Opened in November 1998.
Expansive public areas and informative displays
(in Mandarin only).

Tsoying includes "Old Fengshan", which was established in the mid-seventeenth century. Fortress fragments are scattered about, yet they barely hint at the imposing military compound that once dominated the area.  Typical of walled city counterparts in mainland China, the Fengshan outpost was the "right hand" to island headquarters in Tainan.  .The primary mission was to maintain the status quo.  Today, Tsoying is host to Taiwan's largest Navy base, and Lotus Lake Park nearby draws bus loads of sightseers daily.   For more info, go to direct to Lotus Lake Park  (includes area map in English)
Confucius Temple
Secluded and reserve atmosphere. Spacious and quiet grounds. The structure is a recreation of northern Sung style
Dragon & Tiger Pagodas
 Situated in Lotus Lake. 
North Gate
 The most impressive monument 
remaining from feudal times.

Yen Cheng
During earlier days, salt was collected and dried in the mud flats off Yen Cheng.  Later, when foreign Navies dropped anchor, salt flats gave way to "Salty Dogs".  Bars, pubs and souvenir shops sprang up all along Yen Cheng's main streets to attract sailors while in port.  Yen Cheng still offers night life and shopping, however glitzy KTV's, upscale clubs and high rise department stores "across the river" offer serious competition.  Ship salvage yards dominate the Yen Cheng's side roads.  Near the main harbor entrance,  "box stores" stocked with imported foods and sundries from the Philippines and Thailand, cater to migrant fishermen.
Old City Hall
Beautifully restored historic architecture recently converted 
into the Kaohsiung History Museum.  Informative displays 
relating to the city and periodic loan exhibitions 
from the National Palace Museum. Fine gifts store.

Niao Sung & Feng Shan
Niao Sung and "new" Feng Shan villages lie within Kaohsiung County.  Chengching Lake (in Niao Sung) is a favorite tourist attraction, especially on weekends and holidays. It affords natural settings plus amusement centers, pathways and picnic spots.  Feng Shan retains a more traditional feel and better bargains to shoppers.
Chengching Lake
For more info, go 
direct to:  "The Lake"
Good map & park details.
Aquarium, Nine Corner Bridge, 
Pagodas and Pavilion
Foreign Affairs Police Department
County residents are under jurisdiction of the Feng Shan branch of the Foreign Affairs Police Department. 

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