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(Reader's comment) 6/99

Just Recommended!
Pet Store
##367 Chengkung 1st Road
near the intersection of Chengkung and Minsheng Roads
An array of products you and your pet will love!
Just Recommended!
Taiwan's Homeless Dogs
by Randall Martin, member of Kaohsiung Writers' Group
Comprehensive reading on the subject of homeless animals in Taiwan
Informative, sensitive and, many useful links.
Around Kaohsiung. 
A Community Guide
lists several good local Veterinarians, but the California Hospital deserves special mention here. Dr. Ray Tseng, who heads the clinic, demonstrates both a concern and a commitment to the city's animal population.  He performs surgeries, provides treatments and gives loving care "Pro Bono" to homeless cats and dogs.  His son and daughter study veternarian medicine and hope one day to follow their father's humane example.
California  Hospital 
Dr. Ray Tseng 
#134 Kuanghua 1st Road. 
Lingya District
Telephone: 716-3027
FAX: 716-3028

American Animal HospitalAssociation
Pet boarding at reasonable rates
English spoken

For those tempted to take in a stray from Kaohsiung's streets...

"I just couldn't help myself....I adopted a cat that was abandoned.  The poor creature entered my life with lots of baggage (kidney, teeth and parasite problems).  After an extended stay at the Vets, which included flea baths and flea meds, the cat was pronounced healthy and I finally brought the cat home.

Recently, I was informed that another pet in my building was bothered by fleas traced to my cat.  To maintain "Good Neighbor" relations, I hired an exterminator to spray my flat, the neighbor's apartment, and the common areas in the building.

The extermination service was reasonable and fortunately everyone is happy.  But I don't think I'll ever invite another animal into my house while I live in Kaohsiung. Fleas are a constant threat in this tropical climate"  (Readers' Comment)

If you are tempted to "save a lost soul",
consider all hidden costs and potential hassles.
For Local Extermination Service, see New Views: Services


In order to solve the environmental problems brought by stray dogs and to prevent the  number of stray dogs from increasing, Health & Inspection Laboratory Bureau of Redevelopment (HILBOR), City of Kaohsiung, advocated all  pet-owners to have their dogs be registered and given a microchip.

According to director of HILBOR, Cheng Chin-fu, Kaohsiung is estimated to have 86,000 stray dogs, which pose great threat to the environment and citizens' well being. In order to solve this problem, it has been decided to issue the requirement.

The director explained that owners can send their dogs to HILBOR or any animal clinic which has signed a contract with HILBOR to perform the operation. NT300 dollars will be charged for the operation. For the registration, no charge will be made before the end of the year and NT150 dollars will be required from next year on. (KHH City News report of August 21)

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