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American Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber office moved along with Kaohsiung American School.
to: #96 Fuder 3rd Road. Lingya District
Phone: 716-1977    FAX: 716-2124
(Email):  Lee

American Institute in Taiwan (AIT)
Kaohsiung Branch
Cathay Building 5th Floor
#2 Chungcheng 3rd Road.  Hsin Hsing
Tel:  224-0154   FAX: 223-8237
The 921 Earthquake gave cause for internationals living in Kaohsiung to reflect on many issues, including communications after an emergency situation.  For this reason, AIT was contacted to provide current details concerning the Warden Program. Other in-country representatives will be contacted for similar updates)  Natural disasters cannot be prevented.  However, we can take some precaution if we know the "ground rules". Thanks to AIT-KHH Branch for sharing information.

The American Institute in Taiwan is a non-profit private corporation established shortly after the United States Government changed its diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979.   The Kaohsiung Branch provides assist to U.S. citizens, sponsors trade promotion and cultural events, and offers commercial assistance to U.S. enterprise.

Commercial Section
- provides services to the U.S. business community to help increase exports to Taiwan
-maintains a reference library
-helps to organize trade shows with U.S. firms and key southern Taiwan corporations and organizations.

Travel Service Section
- provides notary services (for fee payment)
- passport applications and visa applications (in some instances)
- administers or takes oaths, affirmations, affidavits and depositions
- functions as the provisional conservator of personal estates
- endeavors to aid U.S. citizens in distress
- issues official records of death, birth and marriage for U.S. citizens
- acts as a conduit for general information from some U.S. governmental agencies (i.e., I.R.S. and Social Security)
- manages a Citizen Registry and Warden System

US Citizen Registration

Foreign residents and visitors from the United States are encouraged to register with the Kaohsiung Branch of AIT.  This ensures that registered individuals:
- can receive assistance in case of Passport loss
- can be notified in the event that stateside relatives try to contact in an emergency
- would be tracked with regards to a local emergency or crisis situation (natural or otherwise)
NOTE: release of details regarding an individual's whereabouts and personal safety are subject to the U.S. Privacy Act provisions.   Any change of address while in Kaohsiung should be forwarded for correct details.

Warden System

A Warden System is a means of disseminating information to the American community.  Wardens are generally selected from organizations known to have significant U.S. representation.  In some cases, Wardens are selected on the basis of geography.  Service is voluntary and does not subject the Warden to any liability.  The system in Kaohsiung is limited, so U.S. citizens should not expect to be included on a Warden Call List by virtue of having registered with the AIT-KHH Branch Office.

If an individual wishes notification from AIT-KHH Branch but is not on a Warden List or is not associated with a larger organization, it is recommended that he/she make desires known.  Social groups and community organizations are also encouraged to identify an individual who can serve as a Warden.

co-sponsored by:
Sun Yat Sen University
American Institute in Taiwan
Library Building (5/F) on campus

The “Center” is an academic resource center for the study of America from Taiwan perspectives.  It’s
located on campus in a friendly environment ideal for computerized research and information sharing.
Plus, reference materials for those planning to study in the states are available.
It’s a “people place where technology and humanity meet”.

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