Gold Mine Adventure
by Masha Gazizova, 5th Grade
Morrison Academy

In a huge amusement park that is part of the Formosa Aboriginal Village, you can't miss a group of high, reddish brown rocky mountains.  This is the roller coaster ride called, the "Gold Mine Adventure".    The narrow gloomy path between  the "mountain walls" is like the bottom of a deep canyon.  It takes you to a dark tunnel inside the mountain.  When you step into this tunnel, and make a couple of turns to the left and to the right, you'll get the scary feeling that you will never find your way out!  Suddenly, the dark tunnel opens into a high mountain valley with a fast running river and a small Indian village.  You can hear the thunder of a waterfall beating the rocks close by.  But, louder than the waterfall are the screams of the people that rush down the river in boats that look very much like barrels.  Want to try?

The staircase takes you up to the top of the mountain where the old worn out barrels are waiting for you, rocking slightly in the narrow stream. Hop in and hold on tight!  We are going into the gold mine!  In the shaky light of torches and oil lamps, mechanical miners that are digging, eating, drinking and even talking seem so real.  One greedy miner is dying over his gold.  Shady ghosts are trying to spook you.  Scary, wild animals roar.  Then a dead man rises from his grave.  One of the mines explodes with dynamite!  And, as if; you are not scared enough, your barrel suddenly slides down the waterfall, leaving you breathless and totally soaked with water.

Want to have more fun?  A nice restaurant with old wooden furniture and a low cave like ceiling is waiting for you right in the middle of the Gold Mine.  Perfect European food tastes even better after such an adventure.  The Aboriginal Village is in Nantou, near Taichung.

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