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The Kaohsiung Community is in constant flux!
People come and go, each bringing talents to share.
And so, the list of special interest groups changes now and again.
Phone numbers change, too.
"E-mailing" is suggested if you want to get in touch
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Alliance Francaise
Chamber of Commerce
Bible Study
KHH Community Church
Jogging  Club
Deutsche Mahlzeit Gruppe
Hash House Harriers 
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"Hundred Pacers"
Soccer Team
Club e-mail
Kaohsiung International 
Coffee Morning
Kaohsiung International 
Women's Club (KIWC)
Mei Hua
(07) 370-5168
Lighthouse Rotary
Toastmasters- International
Yuan Shan
Writers Group

Alliance Francaise
"If you want to study French, discover French culture, or meet with French citizens...."

Alliance Francaise, founded in 1833, hopes to share French language and culture with others abroad.  As of 1995, the organization maintains presence in 130 countries with representatives in Taipei and Kaohsiung.  Programs have been in place in Kaohsiung (at National Sun Yat Sen University-Liberal Arts Department) since 1988.  Scheduling follows that of regular classes and continue throughout the year for matriculated students.  The public is welcome to attend French Film Nites as well as special programs. NOTE: Alliance Francais is currently revising their programs.  We'll keep you informed!

American Chamber of Commerce-Kaohsiung
"The voice of business in Kaohsiung"
Member #978035, United States Chamber of Commerce Association.
To enhance U.S. business interests in-country
To promote free trade and mutual relations with Taiwan
To disseminate information related to business and economics
To promote a clean and safe environment
To promote relations between U.S. invested companies & employees in Kaohsiung
To broaden members' understanding of Taiwan's culture & commerce
To assist members engaged in local business to achieve objectives
To promote cordial relationships
      l Annual 4th of July Celebration
      l Annual Christmas Gala

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Bible Study
Discussions focused on Christian values and fellowship.
Meets weekly on Thursday mornings in private residence.

Evergreen Jogging
under construction
Deutsche Mahlzeit Gruppe
Celebrate cultural exchange and eating!

Every week (on Thursday evening from 7:30~9:30 PM) the friends of "Mahlzeit" gather together at private residents or various locations around town.   Articles (in German, of course) are distributed before hand as "food for thought" and opinions are shared by the group.  There's always lively discussion, and a warm welcomed is guaranteed!  Basic level German language understanding is required for discussions.  Contact ahead for details.

Hash House Harriers-Kaohsiung Chapter
"Super sorties through city and countryside"

The "Hash", founded 26 years ago, enjoys tremendous popularity all over the world.   Here in Southern Taiwan, over 2,600 life time members  have mustered their forces no matter what the weather.  The formalities are pretty simple: after three runs, your membership is automatically ensured along with a "nickname".  Kaohsiung's members include families and individuals (local Taiwanese and international) who love to walk, run, jog and explore the countryside or city in a social, non-competitive atmosphere.  Each Hash run (there are approximately five each month) concludes with a gathering of all those participating to strengthen friendships.  BBQ's are held  monthly in connection with family runs and an array of delicious food is always on hand.  "Hashers" join locally sponsored community events, too,  like the annual Dragon Boat Race on Love River or the 4th of July Celebration held at Labor Park.  The cost for all this Food, Fun and Fitness is just NT$250 (and all the beverages you could ever want).

Hundred Pacers* Soccer Team
*The "Hundred Pacer", a venomous snake native to
Taiwan, inspired the team name.  It's bite is so deadly,
the victim can expect to survive only one hundred steps longer.
The name may be intimidating to opponents, however one
"Pacer" has suggested that after "a hundred steps" on the
playing field, we sometimes  feel as though we will collapse!

For four years, the "Hundred Pacers" have been meeting regularly to play soccer.  The team is comprised of adult males, the majority are expatriates who live and work in Kaohsiung.  They practice each Wednesday evening, and occasionally on weekends; matches are held on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.   The "Pacers" also participate in tournaments around the island and outside Taiwan.   Soon, the team will head for Cambodia to compete with other like-minded enthusiasts.  New players are encouraged to join and can count on encouragement from their comrades.  You need not be a "super star" to be involved...even the novice will have a chance to play, and improve.  The Pacers do not have their own field, but share grounds managed by local schools and sport groups.

Kaohsiung International Coffee Morning
"Coffee Morning provides a friendly venue
for folks to stay in touch and stay informed."

Kaohsiung’s first "Coffee Morning" was a simple affair.  Over 20 years ago, a handful of neighbors gathered together in a friend’s home. While enjoying coffee and tea, they shared insight and experiences of their stay in Taiwan.  That same spirit of friendship continues today and now includes entertaining programs, a monthly newsletter (Tips & Tales), and a modest lending library.

A volunteer committee arranges and hosts monthly meetings (in English) that are open to the public.  Meetings feature a guest speaker, entertainment or demonstration to promote exchange and mutual understanding for the community at large.  Pre-Christmas Vendor Sale, Chair Side Tour of Meinung, Coping with Stress, Sightseeing in Southern Taiwan, Taoist Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle, Aboriginal Weaving Demonstration, An Introduction to Tainan: the Chihshi Festival and Meet 'n Greet are just a few of the most recent offerings.

l Membership fees are not required.
 l Child care can be arranged at the Mercantile
l Volunteers are the "backbone of "Coffee Morning
and ladies are always welcome to assist in whatever way they can

"Coffee Mornings" are held the 2nd  Wednesday of every month
September ~ May  9:30 ~1 1:30 AM
at the Mercantile Club (10th Floor)


Kaohsiung International Women's Group (K.I.W.C.)
Join with women like yourself, who enjoy international friendships.
Sign up with KIWC, a nonprofit charitable social group.
Participate in our entertaining programs, field trips, English Book Club, golf
group and exciting monthly activities.
Call Lydia Mao (Chinese & English 332-9898)
Alex (English & Tagalog 335-3380)
Antonia (German 716-0166)
Evelyn (Chinese, English & Japanese 221-9252).

Kaohsiung Interpreter's Society (K.I.S.)
"Practical training and interpreting opportunities"

Anyone who enjoys interpreting and/or the love of languages is welcome to join.  English speaking guests provide the material for practice, and members take turns translating the dialogue into Mandarin orally for the group.  Time for questions and answers is allowed, and this discussion is also basis for interpreting.  Tea Time Snacks are available during "break time".

Meetings are held regularly on the last Saturday of every month (NOTE: if the last Saturday is a continuous holiday, the date changes to the preceding Saturday).   The Mercantile Club is the location for KIS gatherings (see Coffee Morning for address details in Mandarin) which begin at 2PM, with time for fellowship before interpreting commences.  Vocabulary lists, when available, are distributed before hand.

K.I.S. depends upon international participation!  Anyone with English speaking abilities and the "gift of gab" are invited to present a "speech" on their topic of choice.  Guests do not have to be native speakers.  It is appreciated if brief information (bio & outline of material to be presented) could be shared before hand.  Guest speakers may read or recite their topic, and they should plan to speak approximately 20 minutes (K.I.S. members take turns interpreting a few sentences at a time).  Internationals are also welcome to "sit in".  It's a great way to glean information on specific topics of interest and meet new friends!

Contact KIS if you'd like to perfect your translating skills, or if you would like to share some information in English.

Kaohsiung Youth Activities Council (K.Y.A.K)
under construction
Rotary International, District 3510
Rotary Club of Kaohsiung Lighthouse
"Follow your Rotary dream

Rotary is an organization of professional men and women united in the same goals: humanitarian service, ethical standards in business, and international goodwill.

The first Rotary was organized in Chicago (1905) by Paul Harris and friends, and now includes branch chapters all over the world.  Individual Rotarians (or "Rtn.") hold membership in their respective Clubs which fall under the much broader Rotary association, Rotary International (or "R.I.").  To facilitate administration, the "Rotary World" is divided into districts which oversee several clubs.  Kaohsiung's "Lighthouse Rotary", together with 57 other clubs in Southern & eastern Taiwan, comprise R.I. District 3510.

Currently, Lighthouse Rotary counts 26 members, including 5 female members and 3 foreign members.  Meetings, conducted in English, are held every Thursday from 12:30~2 PM at the Ambassador Hotel with ample time for fellowship, lunch and an informative speech presented by a guest or member.  Lighthouse Rotary also arranges extra activities  (mountain hiking, island tours, factory visits, parties and other social outings) and community service projects to help the needy.

The Four Goals of Rotarians:
1st: To develop friendship as a means for service.
2nd: To maintain high ethical standards in professional life;
to Recognize the worthiness of all occupations;
and to Reach out in service to society.
3rd: To apply these ideals in personal, business and community sectors.
4th: To advance understanding, goodwill, and
cooperation through world-wide fellowship.
Initiation Fee: 
NT$ 15,000 (upon joining)
Club Regular Fee: 
NT$ 1,200 / Month
Club Bulletin Fee: 
NT$ 400 /Month
Luncheon Charge: 
NT$ 600 / Week
District Conference Fund: 
NT$100 / Month
Induction Contribution: 
NT$ 3,000  (Minimum)
Visitors are always welcome to attend as honored guests !
"Encouragement for quilters"
The Kaohsiung "Quilters" welcome ladies who share a love of hand work.  Beginning and intermediate stitchers meet every Tuesday from 9:30 AM to share tips, support and resources while working on individual projects.   Location alternates weekly; meetings are casual.

"Are you interested in a bit of German fun?
Then you’ll want to visit Stammtisch*!"

"What is Stammtisch?",  you ask.

In country towns across Germany, cozy restaurants or small village inns are transformed into lively social centers early in the evening hours.  Here, people gather together with friends, neighbors, and work mates to enjoy wine, beer and good company.  The camaraderie and conversation often last long into the night, with topics ranging from sports, to politics and business.

When friends meet at a particular place over a long period of time, they are called "Stammgast", which means long term guest.  ("Stamm" is the trunk of the tree and "Gast" means guest)  The Stammgast always sit together at the same table, or "Stammtisch".   Everyone knows that this is a warm and welcome place reserved just for the "regulars".

*The Kaohsiung German-Chinese Cultural & Economic Association is a registered non-profit organization.  Its mission is to promote cultural interchange and trade between Taiwan and Germany.  The association has branches island-wide with head quarteres in Taipei.

There's a total of seven Toastmasters clubs in southern Taiwan, including Tainan, Kaohsiung City & County, Pingtung.  Meetings are held in English at certain locations.

Elite Toastmasters

Elite Toastmasters Club (established in 1993) is the second club to form in Kaohsiung City.  All "Elite" members are working as aggressive professionals in a variety of sectors.  And all share the same goal: to develop communication and leadership abilities in order to achieve a successful life.  The Elite Toastmasters Club is not a classroom. but rather a workshop where "doing is learning".  Everyone participates actively to draw strength from each other.  Members take pride in helping each other grow and develop.  Badminton Nights are scheduled regularly.  Elite Toastmasters Club sponsors the ScienTech and Yuan-shan Toastmasters Clubs.
Meetings convene: 
7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
(program starts 
at 7:30 PM)
On every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month
2nd Floor
Kingdom Hotel
#42 Wufu 4th Road
Kaohsiung City
(near Love River)
(Tel. 07-5518211)
Guest Admission Fee: 
NT$ 200 each meeting
Student/Guest Admission Fee : NT$ 100 each meeting

under construction
English Writers' Group
After a summer vacation, the Writers' Group has"Re-Grouped".
Anyone interested in English writing or sharing experiences with friends are
invited to participate.  This is a "freebie" and is open to anyone and everyone!
But...this is NOT an English conversation class.
You don't have to be a "Pro"...all that's needed is a passion for writing!

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