Get Out and Get GOING 
with the Kaohsiung Hashers 
You’ll enjoy a new perspective on 
 southern Taiwan and 
a fun workout to boot! 

The Kaohsiung Hash House Harriers (KHHH) was founded September 16th, 1973 when Mike McFarland and Barry Stettler blazed the first trail in southern Taiwan. Thanks to their initiative, the KHHH has made its way to the present day.  Hash House “runs” are based on an old English game of following paper trails dating back to the early 19th century. “Run” is a misnomer since people walk, stroll or sprint at their own pace. The premise is simple: “Hounds” are challenged to intercept “Hares” along the way.  In true tradition, Hares design trails through rice paddies, up mountain slopes and along country roads adding an element of surprise.

Taiwanese and expatriates join in hot pursuit approximately five times a month.  From the start, Hares mark the way using chalk or biodegradable Hash Cards. Hares have a head start over the Hounds.  Maximum trail lengths are set at 5.5 Km (3.5 miles) during the summer and 10.0-Km (6.0 miles) during winter. In the end, everyone joins the “Down-Down” ceremony, a gathering that defies description.  Runs are non-competitive, but there is a feeling of self-satisfaction at outwitting the group (for Hares) and a sense of accomplishment at finishing (for Hounds).  Fitness, fun and fellowship are extra benefits.

Adult Runs take place all year long, however Family Runs, open to all ages, are scheduled once a month September through May.  Refreshments are standard fare, and goodies served on Family Runs are outstanding!  In April, KHHH celebrated its annual Pig Roast with tasty BBQ pork dishes, the famous HASH House Sausage, salads, desserts and other tempting tidbits.  The December Family Run welcomes Christmas and treats of the season.  On one occasion, “Santa” acted as Hare and was promptly caught as his Christmas pack weighted him down (or so he claimed).  Weekend Family Hashes in Chihpen followed by a relaxing soak in nearby hotsprings are popular, too.  This November, KHHH sets its sites farther south in Kenting for a “Salt Water” Family Run.

"Down Down" with

The Kaohsiung Hash House Harriers participate in various events, such as the annual Dragon Boat Festival sponsored by the city government. Yes, there are a number of fool hearty folks who battle  sweltering summer temperatures and the agony of rowing 400 meters along, or more accurately through, Love River.

For more on the Kaohsiung Hash House Harriers, check out their Web Site, or phone Robert (“LA”) Plummer at 07-7317099, or Frank (“Cheap Date”) Lockwood at 07-3700681. To hook up with a pack of Hounds and Hares outside Taiwan, visit the HASH WEB RING

Hottest Hasher
Jack MacIntosh "Captain Video" with 542 runs under his belt. And, he’s still ‘at it!
Hottest Hare
Keith Irvine "Sassa Knackers" with
the most Hare runs 
at 102
Most Surprising Run
Chihpen Family Run '99, since the finish fell in the middle of a 30 meter Suspension Bridge