City Streets

As you make your way Around Kaohsiung, you'll find different English spellings for the same street.  It is confusing, however do not despair. It is possible to navigate the streets of Kaohsiung with just a bit of briefing.

Kaohsiung is the only city in Taiwan that has a system of roads with numbered titles
For example: Yihsin, or "One Heart".  These roads provide some logic to the city layout and can be used as reference points as you travel about. Recognizing them will also start you on your way to learning some Mandarin!
 1 Heart
6 Realms
2 Sacreds
7 Virtues
3 Ways
8 Moral Precepts
4 Principles
9 Wishes
5 Fortunes
Perfect 10
 Translations from "Every Number an Omen" "Trademarks" of the Chinese. Sinorama, 1994
All major roads are divided into "sections" which increase when moving from East to West or from North to South.  For example: Chungcheng 1st Road (far east side); Chungcheng 4th Road (far west side).
If a lane is mentioned in an address, it is the key to finding the location. For example: #30 Chungcheng 1st Road, Lane 56 is situated off Chungcheng 1st Road.  Lanes intersect main roads, and they  progress in numerical order.

Individual buildings and businesses are numbered in sequence.  For example:  #30 Chungcheng 1st Road is situated on the "odd side" of Wufu Road.  Address plates are often difficult to spot, but most of the time they will be posted on the upper right hand corner of the building’s lower level or near the main entrance.