What do you get when you mix
Battle Fields, Lost Worlds and Outer Space?


A Slam Bang high tech indoor amusement park
designed for the 21st Century
It is the 2nd only of its kind in Asia! 
Sponsored by: Chien Tai Cement Co., Ltd.

Entrance is on the Sando Road Side of the Tuntex Tower Building

MagicaL CarnivaL brings interactive 
computerized games & amusements to Kaohsiung with 
Popular heroes of Japan, Australia & the United States. 
MagicaL CarnivaL features interactive GamE HallS 
representing various realms of Adventure and Fantasy.
PluS,  80 separate ArcadE StationS 
that offer more challenges. 

Test your skills against a 
bevy of beasts and bad guys 
in MAGICAL settings.

  • GAME HALL settings recreate a variety of environments from outer space to haunted houses Each Game Hall involves a specific mission Players watch pre-play movies, subtitled in English, which set the scene & explain the rules Players receive special equipment that helps them on their quest (like laser guns, lightening rods and crystal balls) Scores and other data are recorded on take-

  • along computer print-outs "Sharp Shooters" win prizes, but EVERYONE takes home a souvenir 
    8th Floor
    Carnival Entrance
    9th Floor
    Carnival Villa
    10th Floor
    11th Floor
    Ticket Station
    Souvenir Shop
    Prize Center
    Food Counter
    Fountain of Griffin
    Magical Hunting
    Crystal Labyrinth
    Telling Queen
    CyberTown Chase
    Carousel Combat
    Magical Ark
    Dark Soldier
    Lost World
    Cosmic Wars

Ticket Prices are from NT$800 to NT$150
Tickets are purchased for individual floors and includes
admission to Game Halls and
time allotment points for playing
A higher ticket cost means more play time
Admission for certain attractions in allowed
only to children measuring 110 cm and above

Weekdays: 10AM~10PM
Weekends: 10AM~10:30PM
Holidays: 9:30AM~10PM
Magical Carnival
(Mandarin only)

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